Poppy Breeze-Mathews

Poppy was born in September and had her newborn photoshoot at just over 2 weeks old. She was great! She was unsettled towards the end but she was amazing during the shoot which meant we could get some beautiful sleepy photos! With poppy becoming slightly unsettled towards the end we were unable to get the all important detailed photos, therefore, on the photo delivery day, the parents brought poppy round so I could get the beautiful detail photos of her feet, hands and facial features, this really adds to the beauty of a newborn photoshoot.

Then it was the delivery time! I set up the photos on my 48″ Tv in my living room for the parents to look through the photos. For me the delivery is what really adds to the experience to add to the package. Sometimes the photos can’t be presented in person which is fine because I provide an online gallery of the photos in a well presented manor which really improves the online photo delivery experience. The photos can also be provided on a USB to take away with you!

This shoot took place in the parents house in their living room, a tad tight for space but the lighting was great with the big window facing her! Having the flexibility to come to your home for the shoot really helps keep the baby comfortable and relaxed, the house is at the temperature the baby is used to with familiar smells. Sometimes this isn’t possible for some people, so you are invited to come to my house, where I will have space set up ready to go on your arrival in my studio.

Technical Information:

Camera: Nikon D700; Lens: Nikon 50mm 1.8 and Tamron 70-200 2.8; Edited using: Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC; Lighting: Natural and two soft boxes camera left and right; Location: Talke Pits, Stoke on Trent.

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