Teddy’s Picnic – Sitter shoot

Teddy’s first picnic went down a treat for him! He loved it, he could make as much mess as he wanted. Looking forward to his cake smash photoshoot where he can let loose on a tasty cake!

Teddy is now 9 months old and is turning into a real character, he is so animated and vocal at the moment keeping Mum very busy but she loves every minute of it.

For more details about a sitter photoshoot please get in touch, I would love to document this precious stage in your babies journey where they are able to sit up on their own but not yet crawling.

Teddy Picnic Full-37

Teddy Picnic Full-10Teddy Picnic Full-19Teddy Picnic Full-18Teddy Picnic Full-4Teddy Picnic Full-11Teddy Picnic Full-8Teddy Picnic Full-5Teddy Picnic Full-16Teddy Picnic Full-31Teddy Picnic Full-12Teddy Picnic Full-20Teddy Picnic Full-23Teddy Picnic Full-13

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