Newborn Photoshoot Nantwich

Behind the scenes of a Newborn photoshoot. 

So you have recently found out you are expecting a little bundle of joy and have been thinking about having a Newborn photoshoot in Nantwich for your baby and family. 


You have likely been doing your research in the area to find the best photographer for you and your family. You have considered the style you love, the products they offer, the prices and different photographers in and around Nantwich. 

You may have seen Newborn photos in the past and always dreamt of having a photoshoot of your new family. 

Or is this the first time you have looked into the world of Newborn photography? 

Making the decision about where to go for your Newborn photoshoot in Nantwich is no small task and often quite overwhelming.

Are you sat there wishing you knew more about what all the fuss is about? 

You are in the right place! 

Within this post you will gain a deeper insight into what a newborn photoshoot at my Nantwich studio is like and why they are so special which may help you make the right choice when choosing your photographer. It is an investment for you and your family, making the right decision is so important. 

If you speak to any new Mum they will always tell you how quick the ‘Newborn’ stage passes you by, this is a once in a lifetime experience for you and your baby. You won’t be able to take your baby back to this stage to get better photos!

Pop the kettle on and come with me as I take you through a Newborn session!

The Photography Studio                                

Welcome to my beautiful photography studio in Nantwich, situated within a beautiful Georgian listed building. Find out more about this stunning building here.

Nantwich Photography Studio Building - Nantwich Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn photoshoots are usually done when the baby is between 7-21 days old. I often hear the question: Why does it need to be done at that age? 

Firstly, as the baby gets older, they become more alert and interested in what’s going on around them. Secondly, flare ups in baby acne and colic become more likely. These combined can make them harder to settle and to pose in the curled up poses you have likely seen. Whilst some poses are possible while the baby is awake, the majority of the poses are only possible when the baby is asleep. 

For many, this is your first trip away from your home with your new baby. This can be daunting for many but do not worry. 

My studio is purpose built with new Mums and families in mind. With a comfortable sofa to relax on, changing station with wipes and nappy bags, fully stocked refreshment unit with tea, coffee and snacks available for you during the session plus free Wi-Fi! Toilets and free parking are also available at the studio.

The Session!

The studio will be kept at a cosy 22-25 degrees for the duration of the photoshoot, this will keep the baby nice and warm and sleepy.

During the photoshoot I will aim to get as many poses as possible with your baby providing a polished gallery of your photos. 

I have a typical workflow of poses and photos to capture, however, if the baby is showing signs that they are not a comfy during a pose I will always adapt to ensure nothing but comfort and safety of your baby. Sometimes this means we don’t include a certain pose but the safety and comfort of your baby is paramount. 

Every session is baby led and I will only work at the pace of your baby. No pose is ever rushed or forced. Of course, if needed there is always plenty of time for top-up feeds during the session. 


Can we have family photos or sibling photos during this session? Of course! 

There is always time at the end of the photoshoot for parent/sibling photos. I often hear from parents that they don’t want to be in the photos. This is completely fine if you are really against it but I would highly recommend anyone sitting on the fence about it to have them done. 

Think about in many years to come when they’re fleeing the nest or having a family of their own, having photos of you together will mean the world to them!

Bring the grandparents along too! 

Family Portrait with Newborn Baby

How and when do we see the final gallery? 

Approximately 2-3 weeks after your photoshoot, once each photo has been carefully selected and beautifully edited, you will be welcomed back to my studio to view your gorgeous gallery. 

Get comfy on the sofa at my studio whilst I make you a cup of tea or coffee and begin by watching a breath-taking slideshow of your photos on the 50” 4k TV where your photos will come to life. 

Take your time and go through your gallery one by one at your own pace whilst you begin to think about which photos and products you would like. 

I am on hand to guide you through the selection process, discuss my beautiful products and wall art on display. We will create the most spectacular collection and package to displace your photos around your home. Whether you like the idea of having a stunning framed print for your walls or a beautiful album for your coffee table, I have everything covered. 

I hope this has helped answer some questions you had around Newborn photoshoots! 

Do you want to know more about photoshoots at my studio in Nantwich? 

Please follow this link to take you to the Newborn photoshoot page. 

Go to Newborn Photography Page

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