Poppy Sitter Photoshoot – Nantwich

What a beautiful little girl Poppy is! She refused to crack a big smile during the session, but we captured her character!

This is the part of photography that I love the most, documenting the journey of a baby from newborn onwards and even in some cases from pregnancy onwards.

Please get in touch to start documenting your babies journey and capturing their ever developing character. To allow the parents to look back on these photos when Poppy is starting school or when she is older means so much to me! Please don’t miss out!



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Teddy’s Picnic – Sitter shoot

Teddy’s first picnic went down a treat for him! He loved it, he could make as much mess as he wanted. Looking forward to his cake smash photoshoot where he can let loose on a tasty cake!

Teddy is now 9 months old and is turning into a real character, he is so animated and vocal at the moment keeping Mum very busy but she loves every minute of it.

For more details about a sitter photoshoot please get in touch, I would love to document this precious stage in your babies journey where they are able to sit up on their own but not yet crawling.

Teddy Picnic Full-37

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Teddy Charles Smith

Teddy Smith, the son of Martyn and Kirsty Smith, also the brother to Logan and Olivia. Teddy was three weeks old when he slept perfectly for his photoshoot, as soon as he was wrapped up nothing could bother him! He was a pleasure to photograph!

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Actors Headshot – Headshot Photoshoot

I was booked by the Chairperson from an acting society from Manchester Metropolitan University to provide headshots for their members. We had several meetings to go over everything in the run up to the shoot.

Myself and the actors had great fun during these shoots, with nothing but positivity flying around during and after the shoot. It was a huge learning curve for myself, but I am used to working in a fast paced setting!

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Teddy James Watson

Meet Teddy! The Son of Amy Carr and James Watson. He was born on 7th October 2017 at 9lb 6oz. Teddy had his photoshoot at 2 and half weeks old. He refused to settle during the first half of the shoot, we had everything in place to ensure he would be nice and sleepy for the shoot. We fed him just before we started, put him in his Moses basket, changed his nappy, but every time we tried to move him to get him into position, he would stir and wasn’t impressed. We persisted and he finally settled down. He was such an angel after this though, he even moved into one of the positions him self which only required a few tweaks. This just goes to show that not every shoot goes smoothly as it is made out to be, but with persistence and patience, the results speak for themselves.

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Amy Carr – Maternity | Photoshoot | Staffordshire | Stoke-on-trent

At the time of the photoshoot Amy was 36 weeks pregnant. I have had the pleasure to be able to document her whole pregnancy journey, from the gender reveal, the maternity photoshoot, the newborn photoshoot and many years of joy to come with their beautiful baby. The newborn photoshoot will be in an upcoming blog so keep your eyes out and subscribe to the blog! 🙂

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Ella Graham – Fitness Shoot

This fitness shoot was great fun, working with Ella was a pleasure every step of the way. I put myself out of my comfort zone with this shoot, but was so worth it!

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Poppy Breeze-Mathews

Poppy was born in September and had her newborn photoshoot at just over 2 weeks old. She was great! She was unsettled towards the end but she was amazing during the shoot which meant we could get some beautiful sleepy photos! With poppy becoming slightly unsettled towards the end we were unable to get the all important detailed photos, therefore, on the photo delivery day, the parents brought poppy round so I could get the beautiful detail photos of her feet, hands and facial features, this really adds to the beauty of a newborn photoshoot.

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Harry Chappell – Newborn Photoshoot

Harry had his newborn photoshoot at 3 weeks old, and he was so intrigued as to what was going on he refused to settle down. Newborn shoots can be very unpredictable, but it is the persistence of the photographer and patients that ensured that what ever happens, we can still get some amazing photos as a result. We worked with what we had, and got some great photos of Harry awake as well as some of their dog lol. We then moved on to get some family photos of them all together, it was at this point that he fell asleep, which worked great for the family photos.

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Christening – Crewe, Cheshire – Mason Taylor Parkes

Sunday 10th September 2017 – Christening of Mason Taylor Parkes

Mason Taylor Parkes was christened on the 11th September at st Michaels church Crewe

For the rest of the album click read more…

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Riley Alexander – Newborn Photoshoot


Here we have the beautiful Riley. Riley arrived in this world three months premature, Riley and his family have been through a rocky road but he has done tremendously well to get to where he is now. He is doing great and smashing his targets for weight and oxygen week in week out! Riley was born at 2lb and is now weighing over 8lb within 4 months! You are such a strong baby, Riley!

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